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All the profits from the first edition of Pocket Pubs (to date £1500) have been donated to the Papworth Trust (Charity number 211234). Our aim is to develop and expand Pocket Pubs in the years to come into something that will raise a lot of money for charity.  We are open to offers of collaboration, sponsorship, and help with ensuring the information on the site is accurate.  Please contact us using the 'Contact Us' page.

Banner adverts welcome from pubs, breweries, suppliers - please send them in with a suggested donation.

The site is still work in progress and we are looking for fundraising ideas.

Founding sponsors and supporters

We would like to thank the pubs in Cambridge who have enthusiastically embraced Pocket Pubs with donations to the Papworth Trust - The Hat and Feathers (sadly now closed), The Old Spring (Rob has been fantastic and sold loads of packs), The Dobblers, Henrys, The Portland Arms, The Six Bells, The Salisbury Arms and the Cambridge Blue (Jethro and Terri have given us amazing support).  We hope you will support theses pubs with your custom.  Thanks also to Cambridge CAMRA who allowed us to launch Edition One of Pocket Pubs at the 2009 Beer Festival. We were also grateful to Snug Bars and The Punter who supported our launch.

Thanks to Mobas, a Cambridge based integrated communications agency, who have supported the project with advice and by creating the artwork free of charge and to Taylor Vinters for supporting the Pocket Pubs team as part of their corporate partnering programme with charities.

All other costs have been met by Tim Hill and Michael Colledge including the cost of the website design and the printing of the cards.  These costs have been viewed as an investment in building this as a social enterprise which we have found challenging, rewarding and hope will be enjoyed by many.

Our aim is to develop and expand Pocket Pubs in the years to come into something that will raise funds for charity.  (we are already under way with plans for Pocket Pubs cards in other towns throughout the UK including Norwich, Bristol, Oxford, Nottingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, and York - if you would like to help with research for these then please contact us.)