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Game cards

How to play

As well as being a comprehensive guide to pubs in Cambridge, Pocket Pubs playing cards and on-line can be played as a game by two or more players using the Pocket Pub statistics such as date established, number of real ales, wines, outside seats etc.

The Card Game

Deal out the cards, face down. The player to the right of the dealer starts by looking at his/her top card and choosing one of the PocketPub Stats that he/she feels will win, i.e. have the highest value. The card is then placed face up before everyone. The remaining players place their cards on top and the player who has the highest value wins. These cards are then taken by the winner, placed at the bottom of their pack and it is then their turn to call the next PocketPub stat. If two or more cards share the highest value then the cards stay in the middle and the same player chooses a PocketPub stat from their next card. Carry on until one player has collected all the cards.

We hope you have fun and remember to always drink in a responsible manner.